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Jack Chocolate Covered Apples

These apples designed like Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas are AMAZING! Check out how, here!

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Glow-in-the-dark Pumpkins!!

It’s #PumpkinWednesday time! Painting and carving your pumpkin is so 10 years ago. Now, it’s all about the GLOW!

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Haunted Places in Minnesota

Dying for a chance to experience the supernatural? You won’t need to travel far… Minnesota is a mecca for the world beyond…  

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Killer Clown 3!!

The Killer Clown is back! And this time, he brought a friend…

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Halloween Love Songs

Put a spell on your sweetie this Halloween season with this magical love playlist 😉

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How To Scare Your Kids On Halloween

There is no greater joy in being a parent than the ability to mess with your kids come Halloween time. Need some inspiration? These tricks ought-a do the trick!  

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Edward Scissorhands

The classic film gave the world a new appreciation for their hands… and scissors. Don’t remember? Here’s the trailer:

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Monster Ball

It’s Halloween season, ya’ll, and these party ideas won’t let you forget it! We love the witch hat cupcakes!

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Friday the 13th Prank

It may not be Friday, but it’s still October 13th! What better way to reminisce than with this prank video:

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