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10 Second Songs – Thriller

Ever wondered what ‘Thriller’ would sound like in the voice of Ozzy, Stevie Wonder, or Rick Astley?

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Halloween 2014 Light Show

Steve Jandick has won Halloween again with his epic light show. This year’s song? Queen!

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Killer Toddler Prank!

There’s not much you can do but run when you see a toddler with a knife staring at you!

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Andy & Amy’s Haunted Ship Adventure

One of the best parts of Halloween is when Ellen sends her writer, Amy and producer, Andy into haunted houses. This one is our favorite:

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Bloody Halloween Cake

This cake with delightfully frighten all your guests at your Halloween gala! Find the recipe here!

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Boo Brownies

These Boo Brownies are spooky AND adorable. All we can say is, yes please!

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