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The Flying Reaper!

Talk about a fright! What would you do if you encountered the Flying Reaper?

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Autumn Brew Review 2014!

What’s your favorite seasonal beer? Check out the 2014 Autumn Brew Review TODAY, September 27th, where beer and brewers from all across the nation will be on-site for the largest annual celebration of craft beer in Minnesota! Click here for event details.

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Ghost Walks Outside Police Station!

Ready for shivers to go down your spine? Watch this video from a police station in New Mexico where officers say they caught a ghost on camera.  Officers have reported seeing unexplainable images in the lobby, hearing strange noises at night, and feeling someone breathing down their necks in the briefing room. Eeek!

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It’s A Modern Family Halloween!

Game over, folks. Modern Family has officially won Halloween. Don’t believe us? This is all the proof you need.

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