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Halloween Movie Marathon

Here is every Halloween movie marathon on Tv for the rest of October. You’re welcome. Read More »

Haunting Experience

A Twisted Tale: The Haunting Experience on Highway 61 Zywiec’s Haunting Experience on Highway 61 has a twisted past, it is rumored that almost 200 years ago, this plot of wooded land in what is now known at Cottage Grove was known as ‘Creuse Morte’ by French trappers and fur traders, ‘Kirottu’ by Finnish settlers, and ‘Cursed’ or ‘Dead Hollow’ ... Read More »

Dracula Musical!

Don’t miss out on the thrilling Dracula Musical! There are performances all this weekend and next. To get you in the mood, here’s the Dracula musical scene from ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’: Read More »

Puppies or Skeletons?

These cleverly painted dogs are making us do a double take! Sneaky owners. 😉   Read More »

TBT: Hocus Pocus

Some claim that Hocus Pocus is the greatest Halloween film of all time. While they be under the age of 15, you have to admit – this movie is definitely a classic! Read More »

Charlie Brown & The Great Pumpkin!

Do you remember this classic Halloween tale of Linus waiting for The Great Pumpkin? Poor Charlie Brown, he only get a rock.:( Read More »